What is POMA technology?

The Poma is an innovative system of road construction and road repair technology, specially created for construction and the rehabilitation of roads, using the foundations that already have, in an economically way.

Road rehabilitated through our technology is more advantageous in terms of cost than the road built by traditional methods, the quality of roads being rehabilitated by us is at least equivalent to that of road built with new materials and is known and recognized by our customers and partners for decades.

Where and to whom it is profitable to choose Poma technology?

Where is profitable?

Where the old road or paved road is the foundation. Where in the auxiliary roads were added in the past decades: stone, gravel, concrete, asphalt, etc. in the road to be accessible for the traffic. In the road may be large stones, even with diameter of 25-30 cm, as we can and crush, not only mix! In these places Poma is the ideal solution for achieving new macadam foundation? or the new paved road!

To whom is profitable?

For those who have limited financial resources for the renovation and construction of roads, as compared to the conventional technology, Poma technology is much more economical in the road construction and road repair! The reason is that the minimum amount of new material needed to build the roads, and this is extremely efficient, cost-effective solution! (Cost)

For those who need to protect the environment, since the incorporation of new material, much less not only costs but also greatly reduces the environmental impact of mining operations, and energy for the trouble of having to transport, so its impact on the environment is eliminated. (Green)

In addition, it saves us time as well as transport and the mixing does not need to worry us. (Fast)

Our 40 years of experience in this type of road construction it represent a quality guarantee. (Long)
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