Towed vibratory roller

Towed vibratory roller - Poma 150 AH

Traction power between 30-90 kW for the drive shaft (Cat. I, Cat. II, Cat. III).

It is a unique machine for road construction, road works, as well as for the landscape.

It can be attached to a standar tractor.

Oversized folding technology, drive shaft, oil pump, hydraulic system.

High compancting performance.

A good quality rubber dumpers prevent vibration transfer to the tractor.

Dirt repellent plastic sheets.

Long life compacting cylinder.

Very effective with Poma greders.
length: 280 cm
width: 180 cm
working width: 150 cm
cylinder diameter: 100 cm
oil pump rotation: 540 rpm
frequency: 40 Hz
centrifugal force: 60 kN
amplitude: 0,8 mm
speeds: 0,5 to 3 km/h
weight: 3000 kg

Towed vibratory roller - Poma 200 AH

Traction power between 70-90 kW for the drive shaft (Cat. I, Cat. II, Cat. III).

Compaction rollers Poma tow cylinder is a cylinder with dual suspension prominent profile for the construction and maintenance of agricultural and forestry roads.

Each side of the cylinder is fixed flexibly to the main frame, which allows automatic adjustment of the road profile.

The machine has high performance and very good compaction dampers to the frame and carrier vehicles.

The drive is provided by a three-cylinder diesel engine, hydraulic pump and motor.

This structure is robust and has a long life. Leading equipment are made of traction vehicle using a remote control cable.
Technical Data:
engine power: 29 KN rev / min.
fuel tank: 150 l
working width: 2,1 m
width: 2,5 m
length: 3,91 m
weight: 6,5 t
centrifugal force: 2x53 KN
amplitude: 1,5 mm
rotation: 1400-2100 rpm.
working speed: 1-3 km/h
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