Shoulder dresser

PÖMA - Shoulder dresser BF 112

For traction vehicles with three-point joints, power between 130-180 kW, hydraulic jack, (Cat. III).

Poma shoulder dresser for agricultural and forestry roads used successfully for many years to cut verge. Verge is clean with help of a milling drum. Milling material reach directional rear wheel, which provides distribution on the sideways. Distance expulsion may be adjusted using a hydraulic valve between 1-25 m. The grooves of 3-4 m are easily overcome. Spreading is even and creates no harm to the newly sprouted grain fields.

- Drive: cardanic shaft, 1000 rpm., free rotation, motor 250 cm3
- Milling cylinder radial piston engine driven and flexible coupling.
- Radial piston engine for removal cylinder.
- Protection against overloading the entire hydraulic unit.
- Hydraulic oil tank with integrated VOAC injector.
- 12 V fan for oil cooling, adjusted with thermostat.
- Setting depth with the swing plate and wheel support.
- All bearings used are high performance, can be lubricated.
- Hydraulic adjustment of working distance, working angle and expulsion distance.

Each tractor requires three hydraulic circuits and an adapted turnover workflow. Components are made of an highly resistant material and can be replaced if excessive wear.
Technical Data:
working width: 112 cm
expulsion distance: 1-25m
expulsion to the left without steps: 120 cm
max. inclination of the milling cylinder: 15°
working speed: 0,5 to 3,0 km/h
weight: 2.800 kg
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