Poma and the technological elements of the system are equally beneficial in terms of costs as the overall system. Thus the individual services and shoulder milling, stone crushing, mixing, milling of the asphalt are very competitive in the market.

Why is it so important the shoulder milling?

Characterization of damaged roads.
Used extensively the road profile changes over time. In addition to increased central bumps are formed deep scars in the running path. The material used in road construction is pushed outwards. The road is blocked by enlarged shoulders, which prevents lateral flow of rainwater. Rainwater collected in such bumps appeared, first the top layer of road trains, followed by rocks from the foundation. In many areas water is in the running trail, in effect rolling of the tire, the road is virtually excavated material. In this way the holes are increasing gradually. In cold season, water form ice on the road resulting further damage to the road. This road turns slowly, but surely in a "polygon of pits to be avoided"!

The solution is milling the road shoulders!
The Poma shoulder miller breaks the side accumulated material and throw it sideways, distributing at a lateral distance in an adjustable expulsion. The verge thus created ensures swift lateral drainage water in ditches or, if such be made, down the drain. For milling the shoulder of the asphalt roads and or auxiliary ones we successfully use for many years our asphalt milling Poma machine. The verge is effective milled with a milling drum. Milling material reaches the rear wheel casters, ensuring even distribution on the sideways. The length of expulsion can be adjusted with a hydraulic adjustable flaps between 1-25 m. The material is spread so thin that creates no harm even for freshly sprouted grain fields.
Profile of road surfaces ensure rainwater on both sides so that the drainage furrows formed by milling it reaches the shoulder as soon as possible in the trenches.
On the verge and in the grooves are formed very quickly a new vegetation cover - very valuable in terms of ecology - which slows down the flow of surface water and meanwhile drains it efficiently. Only dry surface roads, safe from frost can be sustainable! In this manner we maintain the road resistance!
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