Grooves method

Damaged paved road:

Here the essence of the procedure is as follows: we mill the asphalt road, leaving a diffuse form of columns supporting the course by milling grooves in the longitudinal direction of approx. 40-50 cm, having a width of 15 cm and 15 cm depth. The asphalt milling machine deposit the material on the surface during the milling process. Milled material is then placed back into the groove with the grader blade. We bring approx. 0.02 to 0.17 t/m2 material on the road, level it, mix it with the stone crusher, in this way will take place the sealing of the road profile. Summary of procedure, the advantage: the groove milling have eased the way the road surface. Since there had milled all the way and carried out road foundation material, and then brought more material for road foundation, in this manner we have saved huge costs of raw material and return of transport costs. Road surface is excellent thus created the foundation of a future road surface dust (bituminous, gravel, asphalt). By this method have been rehabilitated paved roads that linked the untidy sugar beet fields of northern Germany. These roads are used by trucks of 60 tons in extreme weather conditions, roads can withstand great after years of use. The Poma asphalt milling machine: it is exclusively used by Poma road service, unreachable in the commercial circuit.
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