Crushing asphalt and embankment

Poma and technological elements of the system are equally beneficial in terms of costs as the overall system. Thus the individual services and shoulder milling, stone crushing, mixing, milling of the asphalt market is very competitive.

Our asphalt milling cutter can mill in a single pass the asphalt itself or the asphalt along with the pavement and foundation of the road simultaneously, over a width of max. 90 cm and a depth of 30 cm.

This technology can be used to build excellent public roads, where the road surface will be covered later by asphalt. In this case, we mill in a single pass the whole road surface along with the road foundation, on the entire width of the running equipment. Milled material can be removed and stored in a separate place, then at the end of the road construction work may be reinstated as the material foundation of the road.

Poma asphalt cutter does not exist in the commercial circuit.
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