Stone crusher, mixer

PÖMA - crusher SB 182

For traction vehicles with three-point joints, power between 100-130 kW, hydraulic jack, (Cat. III).

SB 182 runs in a single process the following steps work: road profile mills, grind the available material, mix it and level the road. Depth is controlled by hydraulic rear wheel support.

Grind stone to the maximum diameter of approx. 25 to 30 cm, grain 0/32 - 0/40 (adjustable), which will be mixed intensively with fine components.

This machine is used exclusively by Poma road service, can be found in commercial use only in exceptional cases.
Technical Data:
working width: 1820 mm
equipment width: 2000 mm
equipment length: 2500 mm
weight: kb. 2500 kg
driving: hydraulic or crank shaft, free rotation, overload protection regulator, high performance transmission belt
working speed: 0,5 to 2 km/h
crushing knives: 40 pcs
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