Attached vibrating cylinder

Attached vibrating cylinder Poma - RW 150

For traction vehicles with three-point joints, power between 88-125 kW, hydraulic jack, (Cat. II, Cat. III).

Vibrating cilinder ideal for construction and maintenance of agricultural and forestry roads.

- Direct hydraulic drive of the vehicle by the hydraulic system.
- High performance compaction.
- Very good vibrations damping, protect towing vehicles and conveyor frame.
- Fast road transfer without trailer.
- Expulsion of the side allows you to work safely on verges, in ditches and on the walls of the roads.

Due to the possibility of lifting the cylinder, the return on narrow roads is not a problem. During our work performed in road construction the attached vibrating cylinder Poma RW 150 passed all tests and proved to be a reliable machine.
Technical Data:
weight: 2 t
working width: 150 cm
max working area left side: 80cm
speed: 2000-2500 rpm.
oil required: 38-48 l/min, 60 bar
centrifugal force: 2500/min. 60 kN
amplitude: 0,8 mm
working speed 0,5 to 2 km/h
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