Poma road construction and road repair technology

The mechanical engineer Wolfgang Pötzsch founded the company in 1966 as an engineering office, but after 4 working years he transformed Poma in its own production facility. He specialized in manufacture of road construction and road maintenance equipment and since 1971 started to own technical patents at the German Patent Office. The factory is located in Groß Denktébe, Germany. Some of their products: graders, crushing machines ? stone mixers, shoulder dresser, asphalt miller, vibratory plate compactors and compactor rollers.

The product range in commercial use assure road maintanence not only in Germany, but assure also in Switzerland, Hungary, Romania and Ukraine.

The POMA road service has been operating since 1975. All new developments has been tested in practical terms. The performance enhancement, as well as the shortcomings in the operation and management was put into practice after decades of continuous experience, consistent and careful analyzing, planning and rigorous testing. The Poma equipment and Poma - road construction service was put in the service aster continuous development through the generations of machines developed by the now mature and reliable technology of Poma.

With our non-traded, developed and manufactured exclusively for its own use, our machines for agriculture and forestry roads, macadam roads, and asphalt is very cost-effective basis for preparing and improving fast, high quality and environmentally friendly way! The production of the equipment happens only in Germany, but several Eastern European countries (Hungary, Romania, Serbia) are selling it and or assure road service with Poma technology - such as road construction and road maintenance - from January 2011 by a hungarian company named Umwelt Kft.
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